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Exemplary Plants

  • Map
  • Brewery Rhaner
  • Hamker-Works
  • Wetterauer
  • Winery Gerstacker
  • Harzer Mineral Fountain
  • Brewery Geldner
  • Moenchsambacher
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MultiPal Rhaner Übersicht MultiPac Rhaner Fördertechnik

Brewery Rhaner-Bräu GmbH & Co KG

  • Complete bottling line for glass bottles
  • Complete plant-planning with supply and waste connections
  • Performance: 12,000 bottles/h
  • Packer - MultiPac I
  • Unpacker- MultiPac I
  • Bottle transport - MultiTrans B
  • Container transpor t- MultiTrans G
  • Palletizer - MultiPal I
hamker CombiPack Verpacken Palettentransport Palettierung Palettentransport Palettieren

Heinrich Hamker Food Industries GmbH & Co. KG

  • Complete bottling line for disposable glass bottles
  • Complete plant-planning with supply and waste connections
  • Performance: 24,000 bottles/h
  • New-glass deporter with high drain
  • Linear rinser MultiRins R
  • Bottle-transport - MultiTrans B
  • Container-transport- MultiTrans G
  • Pallet-transport- MultiTrans P
  • Palletizer with 2-lane-intake
  • Fully automatic wrapping machine  MultiStretch
  • Spiral layer-conveyor for containers
Wetterauer MultiPal MultiPac MultiPal Wetterauer Übersicht

Wetterauer Beverage Industry GmbH

  • Complete bottling-plant for PET-bottles
  • Complete plant-planning with supply and waste connections
  • Performance 12,000 bottles/h
  • Unloader - MultiPal I
  • Loader - MultiPal I
  • Container transport - MultiTrans G
  • Bottle transport - MultiTrans B
  • Air transport - MultiTrans L
Verpacken MultiPal-Port Füllanlage MultiPac II Neuglasabräumer

Winery Gerstacker, Nuremberg

  • 15,000 bottles/h at 1.0 litre.
  • Container transport
  • Palletizer for card-board boxes
  • Newglass lifter
  • Packer
  • Cardboard-box unfolder
  • Cardboard-box closer
  • Engineering for the complete bottling system
  • Bottle cap attacher
  • Display system


MultiPal MultiTrans MultiPal MultiTrans MultiTrans MultiTrans

Harzer Mineral Fountain, Blankenburg GmbH

  • Complete bottling-plant for PET-bottles
  • Performance 16,000 bottles/h
  • Bottle transport - MultiTrans B
  • Container transport - MultiTrans G
  • Pallet transport - MultiTrans P
  • Palletizer - MultiPal I
  • Two Packers - MultiPac II


MultiPal MultiTrans MultiPal MultiTrans

Staffelbergbräu Geldner Loffeld-Bad Staffelstein

  • 8.000 bottles/h für glass with 0,5 Ltr. KK and SV
  • Planning and construction of the whole bottling installation
  • Design of drainage and piping procedures
  • Organization of moving the old system into the new bottling hall




Mönchsambach Beer Brewery Zehendner

  • Complete bottling line for glass bottles
  • Performance of 5,000 bottles per hour
  • here the 0.5-Euro-bottle is bottled with KK

The technically well equipped botting installation was expanded by a new bottle-cleaning machine of the firm Fa.GM Getränketechnik from Gera. Besides the big design-lines GEL and GE in the range of 18,000-60,.000 bottles/h GM for the middle firm sector the machine type Arcade GEK in their program. The performance range is 3,000-15,000 bottles/h. The machines are completely built in stainless material, in a good price-performance-ratio.

For Mr Hümmer, from the firm representation "Füllmeister“ and Mr Zehendner the convincing technology was decisive:

  • the compact and space saving machine desing  
  • gain and release of the staff
  • Cold pool
  • comfortable and variable conduction, that means: without programming device all of the import process parameters and programs can be changed.
  • Because all of the different beers are not being filtered for the investment decision a strengthend pre-squirting in the pre-switch.