Bottling Capping Electro-Pneumatic

MultiFill-VK-EP-2V Füllen elektropneumatisch Füllen elektropneumatisch MultiFill Bedienung MultiFill Grafik Abfülltechnik Verschließen

Bottling and Closing: MultiFill-VK-EP-2V

  • Bottling
    • Cold and hot
    • Reusable and disponable bottles
    • Glass and PET
    • Capacity 12-80 filling valves
  • Customer Benefits
    • Completely stainless (electro-pneumatic)
    • Stable assembly system with hygiene-concept
    • Bottling independant of filling angle
    • Oblique tabletop (Hygiene area)
  • Construction
    • For beverage with or without CO2
    • Modular system, stainless
    • Fat-clearing system (fat-return lines)
    • Bottle filler with short-tube technology
  • Components
    • Compact concept for switchboard and safety doors
    • Crown cork, plastic or alu caps
    • Bottle filler neckhandling for PET
    • Duo-concept for capping