Most stable of value: MultiPac

A lot of insiders talk of a Packer technology for food industry, which should meet the following requirements:

  • The machine should be completely stainless, except motors, transmission and plastic parts
  • No horizontal planes at the base-linkages, which means turned around by 45 degrees
  • The linear axes also stainless
  • Renowned transmission motors with linear conduct, including timing belt drives
  • Compact design and space saving
  • Low energy consumption by counter balance
  • Very high ground clearance
  • Switchboard attached to the machine and stainless
  • Open and easy to clean machine design
  • Hygiene protection doors with safety glass
We can perform all of these main points by our years of experience in food and beverage industries at renowned firms. The technology can be used for packers, unpackers, sorting packers and repacking-systems. The market confirms, that we offer this technology, one of the most stable of value, in a very good price-efficiency-ratio. The succesful Europe-wide operating Bionade GmbH from Germany has been convinced by our outstanding technology. The Unpacker runs in permanent two-shift-operation and fulfills all of the expectations of the Bionade-brothers, Mr Peter and Stephan Kowalsky.

The machine is dimensioned for 30,000 bottles/h and runs as one-pillar-machinewith 3 packer-head with the 24 and 20 module crate in longitudinal run. By the very comfortable trimming-exchange-magazine an exchange of trimmings is possible within 5 min. Quotation of Mr Stephan Kowalsky, CEO Technics: "If I recall the strength- and time-sapping trimming-exchange of the past, working with the new technology ist so easy and fast. I would never want to ask my staff working with the old machines. In this case someone has thought, planned and built out of practice for practice".

Besides the one-column-packer there is also the MultiPac II with two columns. And moreover there is the EasyPac for lower performance. Finally there is the foil-shrink-packer ShrinkMaster.

The official technology for a better machine!

Some of the firms, which use our packing-systems:

Rhaner-Bräu Harzer Mineralquelle Blankenburg Bionade Wetterauer