Palletizing: For each Application a Solution!

During the last years the Füllmeister GmbH and the engineering firm Beyer Maschinenbau have more and more adapted to the market and customer needs, so that they now can call themselves "Europe's sole provider and component builder for all kinds of palletizing technologies".

The program includes:

  • Standard Palettizer with one or two pillars
  • Rotary column in a space-assembly up to 6, also for low room-heights and with very low energy consumption
  • Portal Palletizer for small space
  • Bent-arm robot with 5 to 6 axes (from the firms Kuka or Kawaski) for applications with a rotary axis, or for special applications in food and non-food industries

For each customer and application all of the palletizers have their special advantages (or disadvantages). We will discuss this with the customer on site. Commonly we analyze the wishes of the customer, we calculate and assess the needs, until we finally compile a system-layout. We will offer you a very good price-performance-ratio. For every palletizing need there is a solution, either

  • low height
  • small footprint
  • ecological energy consumption
  • low investment

We proceed in our plants as material saving as possible and can build special systems for specific areas - always in assembly construction.

Norbert Hümmer, 2009/23/1