Made in Germany for the Swiss Design!

The Nestlé Group has decided for their bottling plant Henniez (Waadt, Switzerland) to rebuild the bottle output line. The following requirement specifications have been offered to five European Machinery vendors:


  1. Loading and unloading of Euro pallets with triple lists for 1.5 ltrs PET-bottles in half-module format with 16-layer-picture. The 16-layer-picture can be stacked and delivered with 25 different layer-pictures combined by the customer.
  2. The multi-way crates are ejected fully-automatically and are then delivered to a slotted in ahead bottle-shredder.
  3. Feed-in of production and complaint bottles with a lifting cart.
  4. Small overbuilt area.
  5. Investing costs (without bale press) below 200,000 €.
  6. Use of existing pallet transport components.
  7. Construction time of 10 days.

The company Füllmeister Gmbh & Co KG, together with its partner company Beyer Maschinenbau GmbH Rosswein, has fully achieved the requirements und received the assignment for construction. One week before Christmas we began constructing. The plant could already start working at 22th of December.

The solution of the requirement profile could only be realised by a fully revised concept. This means, that the bottles inside the multi-way crates are directly ejected after layer-unloading by a bottle-gathering container. After that the the same layer is palletized on a pallet-loading area. By saving the layer-solution, the crate transport and the crate grouping, the investment requirements could be fulfilled. The core of the line is a tool with constructive machinery elegance, which assumes different demands in one.

  1. Layer-wise unloading
  2. Turning of tool / layer
  3. Layer-wise ejection of bottles out of crate
  4. Layer-wise loading
  5. Empty-pallet handling
  6. Empty-pallet piling magazine


The depalletizing and palletizing is realized by an established three-axes rotary column, to which a 4th axis was added by the layer-rotation, and a 5th axis by the ejection. The column is mounted on a massive machine socket. The gross height of the rotary column is, especially for this plant, dimensioned for 5m of stack height and 3 to 6 layers, to supply the production units of Henniez centrally with the crates (Swiss design). Here the focus has been directed on effective truck workload, which has been achieved by variable pallet stack heights of 3-6 layers. Of course the combined tool can be economically converted or upgraded  for

  1. 0.5 litres in the 20-fold, 12-fold or 10-fold crate
  2. 1.0 litre in the 12-fold crate


The benefit in relation to the old plant, which was directly joint to the existing bottling line, is evident: All the dirt, which has been brought to the multi-way crates by environment and consumers, now doesn’t reach the bottling line any more. So the processing can be realised more hygienically and the work-flow can be created more effectively by bringing in the prepared empties.