Norbert Hümmer is the first Franconian water sommelier

The head of Füllmeister GmbH, Norbert Hümmer, has successfully taken the examination for water sommelier at the renowned Doemens Academy. By being handed over the Doemens Certificate he may now officially hold this title.
In times where water becomes a more and more popular beverage it is very important to give advice to the customer of the fountain, to the buying agent, to the caterer, to the guest and to the end-consumer – advice in the manifold world of water. The water sommelier may draw on a knowledge of highly scientific level.

The most important field of activity for the water sommelier is active water marketing by means of his profound knowledge about the mineralogical and sensorial features of the different mineral and curative waters. Distribution and mediation of quality awareness, knowledge of brand variety and value acceptance of German and international fountain products is central task of the water sommelier.
Thus Füllmeister GmbH extends its service portfolio in the area of mineral water bottling. Besides technical advice concerning bottling technologies now the customer of our firm can expect certified competence for evaluation and quality of mineral waters.

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The Entrepreneur

Norbert Hümmer, the proprietor of Füllmeister GmbH & Co KG, is engaged in beverage and packing industry for decades. As beverage technologyst and businessman he has worked for leading companies in the fields of beverage, machinery construction and packing where he could contribute and implement his comprehensive knowledge - from distribution over projecting up to managerial responsibilty.

It was always important to him, to pass through and comprehend all the divisions of a company, e.g.
- Production
- Construction
- Laboratory and qualtity management
- Materials logistics and purchasing
- Projecting and development

For us from the Füllmeister company not only professional competence and cost-benefit ratio are important in these times, but also a proper amount of enterprise culture and ethics, paired with social market economy, to provide for our descendants a forward looking platform.
Only what we proclaim and live, will turn up!

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We advise you in all questions about beverage technology, bottling equipment and installations, conveying systems and installations and packing installations. We care for you during all steps from planning over target-performance analysis to installing or optimizing your installation. Technologies of conveying and packing belong to our assignment just like rinsing, labelling, handling of PET-bottles (filling, blowing), KEG-installations or complete installations, which are entirely tailored to you needs (areas: beer, wine, food, non alcoholic beverages). Take your time viewing our website, and don't hesitate contacting us. We will be on hand for you with all our professional advice.

  • Your competent partner for planning your installation in the field of bottling, filling, conveying and packing.

  • Our wraparound-service starts with target-perfomance analysis and reaches to implementing your optimized or new installation.

  • We offer highly funded planning for bottling and conveying installations.

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Made in Germany for the Swiss Design! The Nestlé-Group let construct its new bottling plant for Henniez by Fuellmeister-GmbH.

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