16.01.2009 - New FUELLMEISTER.DE-Website


Dear Visitors!

As you probably already have noticed, the Füllmeister-Homepage has been completely new built. We hope to offer you a more attractive design, a better usability and an always updated content. If you have to give any remarks to this re-design, please use the Feedback-Form or send an eMail.


Here some remarks to the changes:

  • Improved navigation: At extensive sub-items there has been added a horizontal tab-structure
  • Through various use of AJAX elements (i.e. tabs and "accordions" like this one here) the use becomes easier and the contents will be faster loaded.
  • The design is more up-to-date and is consequently consisten throughout the whole website. This creates a high recognition value and corporate identity.
  • But first of all the Füllmeister-Website from now on will be continuously updated and provided with new content. For you as interested visitor it will be worthwile to drop in from time to time.
  • The website is now completely available in English.
  • A tip: Please activate JavaScript in your browser, to be able to use all of the contents (esp. multimedia and AJAX). The Füllmeister-Team guarantees you, that all of the JavaScript-contents on our site are absolutely harmless to your computer. Instructions how to activate JavaScript you will find everywhere in the Internet.


Our services

  • Demand planning and target-performance analysis
  • Installation planning
  • Implementing your installation
  • Optimizing your installation
  • Aftercare